Monday, May 24, 2010

Jack's birthday.

The day Jack was born was such an amazing, life changing, beautiful day! It was so hard to believe that the little guy that had been growing inside of me for all of those months was actually ready to come meet the world!

I loved being pregnant! Everything about it was amazing and special, ok well maybe not the gestational diabetes! We want to wait a good while to have any more babies but I cant wait to do it all again.

Alright to his birthday....

On the Wednesday before I had him I went to my 38 week Dr appt. My Dr. felt sure that I would not have the baby early. A little bummed we went on with our day. That evening I started getting some mild contractions and thought it must just be from the check earlier that day. After a few hours I started to time them and was up with the every few minutes ALL night. By the next morning I thought I should call the Dr. and of course He thought I should go get checked. So John and I put the bags in the car and headed to the hospital. I had a feeling that it was not time but we went anyways. Well I was right, we got there waited a while and they sent us home. I was in early labor but it was not enough to keep me, BOOOO! So we went home and I slept pretty much the rest of the day.

On Friday I woke up feeling normal with no contractions at all. I meet my friend Rikki for lunch, I did eat a few peppers at lunch, then i went and visited Rachel and Bailey. I stopped by hobby lobby to get a few last minute things for his room and all of a sudden I started getting REAL contractions!! And oh my they hurt! I went home and started getting things ready, this was it! Around 10 that night I could not wait any more and we decided to head to the hospital.

I was so nervous they would send me home again but thank goodness my water bag was leaking, YAYYY, that meant no matter what they would send me to L&D!

Once I got to the room they gave me the IV, which I didnt not like, and I got the epidural! AHH HEAVEN! Then the Dr. , who I had never met came in and broke my water. This was all around 11pm. After visiting with our families for a while John and I tried to get some sleep. About 5:30 the nurse checked me and said it was time to start doing some practice pushing. Our moms left and I could not help but cry! I was finally going to meet my baby! Everyone was so encouraging and I actually liked pushing. I had two awesome nurses, Rachel who wasnt even getting paid and Jessica. John was great too! He was so encouraging and stayed right by my side the entire time. After a few minutes the Dr came in and about 45 minutes from the time I started pusing Mr. John Paul Winkler, III ( Jack) was born!! He was born at 6:26 am was 7.4oz and was 20 inches long. It was just the most amazing experience of my life.

** I tried to add pics but the computer was not letting me do it :(

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Vera said...

That's awesome! I think probably 90% of us go to the hospital and leave crying because they want keep us! I did with all 3. I enjoyed your sharing his story with us. Amazing! Just beyond explanation the birth of a baby. Does'nt matter what has happened in our lives - birth beats them all hands down! Congratulations! I can't wait to meet Jack! Take care of Erica! God Bless your precious family always. Love, Mrs. Vera