Monday, February 2, 2009

"Be Last"

Yesterday I went to the Camp Zoar counselors meeting. At this meeting we were given the camp book titled " Be Last" by Jeremy Kingsley. Intrigued by this title I decided to dive in as soon as I got home, and WOW! The first chapter was about being humble just as Christ was on earth, I know all about this right? After all I have read James, I have been to Sunday School, I have seen the " Passion of the Christ" , right? Maybe it was the day that I read it or more likely God had planned for me to open those pages at just that time! 

Jesus left his heavenly home to come to earth and become like us. He knew what he was getting into, he knew the pain and sorrow he would feel and he still did it because he loves ME! Jesus had no real home he had no real money and he had no real fame. Each day Jesus sought God on the things he should do that day to give his Father honor. He never complained because God did not give Him earthly treasures. So why do I gripe and complain everyday!? Am I above trials and hardships that even Jesus went through? I don't want to feel entitled to and easy care free life. I want to go where God takes me and when i go through trials I want to feel joy, like James says. Why is this so hard? Why at the very moment I am praying for this do I feel weak and tired? It is so frustrating!! 

So any ways thanks for reading my first blog! 


Janee said...

Yay for you having a blog! I saw the book at mom and dad's and it looks super interesting!

yummies! said...
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