Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February so Far

So far this has been a pretty fun month!

I dont have any pictures of Valentines but it was great! John bought me tulips and a HUGE card! It was so sweet. We worked so when I got off I picked up Foxes pizza and we watched Addicted to Love, it was so funny! For my gift he bought me a beautiful night stand that matches our head board!

On the 15 we had a Valentines Banquet at church for our Youth Group. I cooked some pasta, what else. It was alot of fun!

Tonight we had Rebekkah's Baby shower. Everything turned out so cute! I am really excited for this little one to get here in April, I was also happy to see his Mommy too :) And here are a few pictures from that.

This Friday is Camp Zoar! It always has a way of creeping up but I am getting so excited! I am praying that God will do a work even in my own heart! I know He will thought, He always does!

Well I hope every one has a wonderful week!


Calis said...

It makes me laugh that john makes almost the exact same face in every photo. :o)

Hope you guys have a good rest of the week!

Mrs. Winkler said...

Umm yeah! Look at every picture of John, its the same!!

Yall have a good week too ;)